Thursday, 28 November 2013

So I have literally JUST made this for lunch and its SO delicious, simple and quick. It makes a great lunch but you could also serve it in slices as canapes or even as a starter.


Makes 4 "Pizza's"

4 multi-grain wraps from Woolies.
1 large avo
250g Salmon ribbons (or trout)
1 Mediterranean cucumber- thinly sliced
One lemon
salt and pepper to taste.

Lightly grease a pan with olive oil spray and cook and cook the wraps one at a time until crispy (or you can use a grill, panini press etc). Take them off the heat and cut into 6ths whilst it is still slightly warm and 'pliable'. Leave to cool for just a few minutes.

Once its cool to the touch, layer each piece with a slice of avo, some salmon and thinly sliced cucumber. Finish with a squeeze of lemon and salt and pepper.

You can get creative with this recipe. It's so easy. My other favourite is a Caprese 'Pizza' with fresh basil, baby rosa tomatoes and bocconcini.

Serve with a crisp Chenin Blanc
- I had Rickety Bridge 2011 Chenin blanc

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Another hidden gem! Cape Town is full of them and Cheyne's is by far my new favourite.

Situated in Hout Bay. Serving Pacific Rim cuisine*. Sourcing from local as possible to bring you the most amazing and unique dining experience Hout Bay has seen.
* Pacific Rim cooking combines Pacific Island foods, Asian cooking techniques, local freshness, and a host of other cultural and culinary influences.- Cheyne.
Interior of Cheyne's

 I love Asian food- its my absolute favourite. I love all the different depths and flavours and the fact that you can pair it with a host of amazing wines. Cheyne keeps a great selection to suit this style of cooking. Almost all of them he serves by the glass- so everyone can have their favourite.

So with that, we kicked off the night with a bottle of the Arra Viognier. The nose on this wine is fresh peaches, with undertones of ripe pears and buttered toast. And it paired beautifully with what was to come...

I have a habit of sticking to starters. I love being able to try a few different things. Now I am not saying anything negative about Cheyne's mains. In fact they were actually all so good that I couldn't choose and hence stuck to starters! (Cheyne, next time I visit I will have a main. Promise!)

As there were two of us we ordered 4 starters.

Usually Cheyne does a beautiful 'Crayfish tempura with miso, QP mayo, kimchi, diakon and a shumai sauce'. It's fantastic. I have had it before. However on the night we visited they had not received their crayfish delivery so they were substituted for King prawns. We were certainly NOT disappointed. They were fantastic! 

King prawns instead of crayfish- Delicious!

One of Cheyne's Specialties is 'Deep fried milk, green chilli caramel, cucumer granita and mint jelly". Its got an ooozy centre JUST like a chocolate fondant and its like eating a Thai green curry cloud! I haven't tasted anything like it before.

Following that we went for the 'Beef tataki, mirin, english mustard, spring onion puree, coconut jelly with Kimchi and lychee'.  It was a very unique take on tataki. There were so many flavours on one plate but they all came together wonderfully. Each bite was uniquely different.

Finally to end off the night we went for the duck. 'Smoked Duck breast, date and water chesnut gyoza, star anise and shiraz syrup'. The gyoza (a type of dim sum) was exquisite. The filling was the perfect accompaniment to the smokey flavours of the duck.

The service was fantastic, the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and ready to recommend their own favourites.  We had a wonderful time. Thanks Cheyne- we'll be seeing you soon!