Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ok, so you are a Capetonian and you eat bread. Who are you even?

The banting craze has taken the Cape by storm. Literally. It's the real meal revolution. Yes, I know I seem behind the times but I like to let everyone else try something new before I jump on the band wagon.

I am not one for fad diets and truly believe everything in moderation leads to a healthy and balanced lifestyle but recently some of my food allergies have brought me very close to banting without even realizing it.  I can't eat wheat and don't eat sugar- see what I mean...half way there. You wouldn't be able to prise a glass of wine out of my cold, dead hands however. Regardless, I am always open to try new things.

Last Saturday I was invited by my good friend Maz (Caffeine and Fairydust) to join fellow bloggers at a banting brunch hosted by Wellness Warehouse  and prepared by none other than hot and happening private chef, Neill Anthony. And he didn't disappoint. It was a morning to remember.

We kicked off the morning with a BulletProof coffee.  It's a drink consisting of "Upgraded" black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil.  It was an instant buzz to me the non coffee drinker!  It was very tasty and full of flavour. I couldn't manage more than half. I have been told that this drink its the banters best friend! No early start is complete without it.

After our coffee, Neill prepared some banting brunch favourites right before our very eyes. It was a real treat. We were also treated to the secret behind the perfect poached egg. Hint: Farmer Angus
Have a look at these pictures for inspiration if you are seriously considering the banting lifestyle.
Neill stuffing mushrooms with Lancewood cheese.

Ok so these aren't tomatoes- the labels were mixed up with all the excitement. Richard Bosman supplied the cured meats and bacon. To die for!

Not a piece of bread in sight!

More about banting...

The idea of banting is that you are eating fewer carbs, more protein and more fat. The fat helps to stabilize your blood sugar, preventing cravings for sweet things. It also makes you fuller for longer. 

People who bant believe in getting plenty of healthy fats in their diets from nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils, fatty fish and full fat dairy. They believe in eating unprocessed 'whole' foods and avoid sugar at all costs.

Kick start banting shopping list:
  • Pasture-reared eggs, meat and full fat dairy. Have a look at Farmer Angus's website for stockists. He follows BioDynamic agricultural principles. 
  • Cold pressed coconut, olive and seed oils.
  • Nuts and Nut butters
  • Low carb snacks eg: Kale chips and seeded crackers 
  • Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds
  • Non starchy vegetables
If you'd like some more information or are ready to start banting, visit Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to explain the principles and help you get shopping!